Violations & Fine Schedule

The following is a list of the most common offenses. Additional costs and fees may be assessed on cases that are not paid in a timely manner or when processed for warrant. If the alleged offense occurred in a construction zone while workers were present, the fine amounts are doubled. You can look up your case and the corresponding window fine and court costs through the online records search.

OffenseFine and Fees
(Violations before September 1, 2019)
Fine and Fees
(Violations on or after September 1, 2019)
Fine and Fees (Violations on or after January 1, 2020)

  In a school zone
  Up to 15 miles over
  16 miles over
  17 miles over
  18 miles over
  19 miles over
  20 miles over
  21 miles over & higher
Ran stop sign$207$227$237
Ran red light$207$227$237
Disregarded traffic control signal$207$227$237
Defective equipment violation
Expired driver's license
Expired registration$131$131$141
Fail to maintain financial responsibility (no insurance)$386$386$396
No driver's license$271$271$281
Seat belt violation$154$174$184
Seat belt violation involving a child$207$227$237
Public intoxication$381$381$391
Possession of drug paraphernalia$381$381$391
Theft under $100$381$381$391