Computers & Printing

Allen Public Library offers free public Wi-Fi, public computers and other technology services to library cardholders and other guests.


Allen Public Library has free Wi-Fi available during the following hours:

Monday-Thursday9:30 a.m. to 8:50 p.m.
Friday-Saturday9:30 a.m. to 5:50 p.m.
Sunday12:30 p.m. to 4:50 p.m.


If you are streaming music or videos, use headphones to avoid disturbing others.

W-Fi Range

Wi-Fi should work throughout the building, but there may be some "dead spots" where the connection is less reliable. If you find one, please try a different location in the library. Electrical outlets may not always be available.


By nature, public Wi-Fi networks are not secure. Any information you transmit online could be intercepted by another person. We recommend disabling file and print sharing, and maintaining up-to-date anti-virus protection. The library is not responsible for any information that is compromised, hacked or stolen, or any damage caused to your hardware or software while connected to the wireless network.


Use of the Library Wi-Fi network is subject to:

The City of Allen does not endorse or regulate online material in any manner, and is not responsible for any material viewed.

Public Computers

The Library has 12 internet computers available upstairs for use by our patrons who are ages 18 and older. For patrons who do not have a library card, please stop by the Reference Desk with your valid government-issued photo I.D. to have a guest pass issued.

There are 7 internet computers available downstairs for use by our patrons. Children who need a guest pass must be accompanied by an adult with a valid government-issued photo I.D. or library card.

AWE Stations

The Library has 3 AWE Learning Stations in the Children's Library. These computers are pre-loaded with games and activities and do not require a library card.


The Library offers both black and white and color printing.  Black and white copies are available for $.15 per page.  Color copies are available for $.50 per page.  Color copies can be retrieved from the second floor public printer only.

Payment options

  • Cash ($10 bills or smaller)
  • Credit or debit card ($5 minimum)
  • Library card account (add funds with cash or a credit or debit card)

If you are using a guest pass, you must pay with cash.

Wi-Fi printing

You can print wirelessly from your personal device, no library account needed!


A scanner is available for use free of charge. Scan directly to email or bring a USB drive to save your documents.

Mobile Charging Kit

Our mobile charging kit has a Micro USB to USB cable (for Android, Windows, HTC, LG, Nexus, etc. devices, a Lightning to USB cable (for Apple devices) and a Type C to USB cable (for other Android devices such as Samsung). It works with phones and tablets only. You may check out the kit for 3 hours with a valid Allen Public Library card. The kit must be used in the library only. Visit the Reference Desk for details.