Trail Tips and Etiquette

Using the extensive and beautiful trail system is one of many prides of Allen residents. Keep a few tips in mind as you enjoy these winding wonders!

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Right of Way

Always remember who has the right of way when encountering others. Walkers and runners have right of way, then bicyclists and non-motorized vehicles.

Lane courtesy

With multiple users, trails can get congested. All traveling parties should span only two across. Just like driving, slower travelers should keep to the right as faster travelers are encouraged to pass on the left. If you are passing someone, warn them of your approach, intent to pass and side of passing. If you need to remain stationary for an extended period, recess off the main trail for everyone’s safety.


Per Allen's Trails and Bikeways Master Plan, longer trail segments and straightaways allow for bicyclists to reach a 20 mph max speed, if safe to do so. Please use “share the road” policies and move to the street if your need for speed exceeds this limit. Slow down and keep safety first when in a heavily congested area.


Enjoy exercising on the trails with your dog on a leash that is six-feet or less in length. Be aware of other trail users around you and keep your pets close to your body. And of course, Doo the Right Thing and scoop their poop!


Adopt the backpackers “pack in, pack out” philosophy! It’s a quick reminder to always carry everything you bring in back out when you leave. Please don’t litter.


Whether ducks, lizards, or something larger or slithery, do not engage with any wildlife you may see. If there is a lost pet or injured animal, report it to Animal Services at 214.509.4378.